Holes in my education

Growing up, we never took camping trips.

Our “version” of a camping trip was a monthly stay at the Blue Dolphin Inn in Carmel where we’d go beaching and antiquing with my parents. Or another monthly trip to the St. Francis Hotel in Union Square in San Francisco where we’d go shopping and dining out.

I wasn’t aware of my lack of helpful camping skills* until I met my birth family who are all about camping, dirt bike riding, and four-wheeling.

I have no idea how to strap down a motorcycle. I over pack for camping trips ALL THE TIME. My menu choices are advanced culinary achievements.

I’m realizing, as I get ready to going to Burning Man, that I am missing vital parts of my education for things like packing a trailer.

Heavier items in front. Got it.

Lighter items in back Got it.

Strap your load down. What?

I have no idea how to use a ratchet strap. In fact, I’m so bad with ratchet straps I had to CUT ONE OFF MY TENT TRAILER that my ex-boyfriend had put on it.

Just because I couldn’t figure out how to get it off.

Not that I have a general problem figuring out how to get things off. 😉

And come to think of it, after wielding a hammer this weekend making some funhouse mirrors for the camp, I realized how shoddy my hammering skills were.

And I have serious doubts as to whether I can wield a sledgehammer and swing it with any sort of skill such that it lands on target and pounds my rebar stake into the ground. All 18 inches of it.

Not that I have a general problem with poundings. 😉

So there you have it. Serious gaps in my education leading me to worry about my ability to be self-reliant on the playa.

I may need a little help.


Burning Man, your 10 principles are challenging me.

*FYI, I can change my own oil, skin an abalone in under a minute, and change a flat tire, so I’m not totally helpless.  Also?  I own a sawzall.  ‘Nuff said.

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