You could’ve knocked me over with a feather

MichelleUnder the advisement of my life coach Chris, I wrote a letter to my ex-husband and hand delivered it to him on Sunday.

It was a momentous letter where I admitted I’d been a shoddy co-parent and thanked him for the wonderful 10 year relationship that we had which gave me the two greatest gifts I could ask for – my sons.

I wasn’t expecting much of a response from my ex. Perhaps silence. Perhaps an “I told you so”.

Instead I got a “Thank you for the card and kind words.”

I was stunned.

We had a brief but pleasant exchange.

And suddenly I’m filled with hope that he and I can model something better than a dysfunctional divorce to our kids.

Is it really as simple as Chris makes it out to be?

That in the end, it’s how you frame it that matters?

You look at the positives, you get a positive interaction. You look at the negatives, you get a negative interaction.

Here’s to many more positive interactions between me and the boys’ father.


3 thoughts on “You could’ve knocked me over with a feather

  1. In a business book of all places, I read some great personal advice. He said that when you are dealing with a difficult person to always think about the outcome that you want. This helps you avoid reacting negatively to the negativity you are receiving. It sounds like like you did just that. Congrats!!

    I had lunch with my Ex earlier this year and told him that I realize that I contributed to the demise of our marriage and I was sorry. He didn’t quite get it. My therapist said that he isn’t ready and might never be. He still thinks we should be together and a nice vacation to Europe would have fixed things up nicely. Boy, is he wrong about that!

    Great post!!

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