My OM (Orgasmic Meditation), reposted

My OM class was on Saturday.  When it comes to orgasm, no one knows it better than the One Tasters.  Indeed, one taste of it is all it took and I’m ready for more.

Let’s begin at the end… with my grinning face walking around the One Taste studio on Market Street in San Francisco.

And why was I grinning?

Because I’d just had an OM – 15 minutes of a man stroking my clit.

And it was awesome (not surprisingly).

I felt ripples of pleasure moving like waves through my pussy. [Note: the One Tasters love to use the word “pussy”]

My partner was a total stranger to me before that day.  He was an older athletic gentleman named Stan from Santa Cruz.  He said he liked to have fun and he was so forward about it he was like a little kid with ADHD.

But I didn’t care.  I found him physically attractive and could handle his over-the-top enthusiasm and energy for our activity.

When we began, Stan suffered from a case of “can’t find the clit.”  He was close, but not there.  He was everywhere but there.  I should have said something but then an instructor came by and showed him the right way to do it and BAM… we were on like Donkey Kong.

I found myself staring at the ceiling, at the side of Stan’s face, and back up to the ceiling again.  Then I closed my eyes.

Breathe.  Relax.

What do I feel in my body?

Warmth.  Pressure.  Pain.  Pleasure.  Heat.  Waves. Tingling.

It was hard to quiet my mind and pay attention to what was happening to me.  I though about how odd it was that I was doing this with a stranger [I would have loved to do it with my friend Jack of Jack and Jill fame.]

After 15 minutes of this delightful practice, Stan and I wrapped up our activities and shared a frame – a moment of sensation during the OM.  I talked about ripples.  Stan talked about what a beautiful pussy I had.

Then Stan turned to the class and publicly thanked me for OMing with him.  He announced to the class that I had a beautiful pussy.  And admitted he had a stiffie from our practice.  To a room full of people.  :-0

Well, he was honest.

Later, Stan asked me for my number.  Instead I asked for his.  Never know when a girl might need another OM.

All in all, this was a great experience and one I am likely to repeat again  I felt so energized and alive and that feeling is lingering with me even as I write this.  I have a feeling there’s a lot more to learn about OM and I’m interested in learning more.

I am going to be a turned ON woman.