Banned from Dating

michelleI’m taking you off the ice.

That’s what my life coach said when he temporarily BANNED ME FROM DATING.

According to him, my energy is low. It’s a 4 out of 15. No one should be dating when they’re a 4. They will only attract other 4s.

He’s a big believer in quantum physics.

I’m only a 4 because I got dumped. Does it seem fair that the person who dumped me and made me feel crappy now gets to impact my recovery vis a vis ruining my energy and getting me BANNED FROM DATING?

Well shit balls.

While I agree with the idea that someone who is a 4 out of 15 is probably not going to be the best of dates, I also think that the idea of giving up entirely, of taking oneself out of the game isn’t necessarily what I want to do either.

I’m not one to sit and wallow in my sorrows. I’m more likely to vent on this blog or on Facebook to get my aggressions out.

But the truth is I don’t feel like doing any of that. I just feel like moving on with my life.

And I can’t do that now because I’m BANNED FROM DATING.

Just as soon as I go on this date tonight….

Yes, that’s right. I got BANNED FROM DATING the same day that I have a date.


I can’t help but wonder, is he a 4 like me, a semi broken, dejected man looking for a special connection? Or is he a perfect 15 who will reject my 4-someness?

Ah, the things we think when our life coach gets in our head and starts meddling.

2 thoughts on “Banned from Dating

  1. There is ONE person you are not banned from dating. YOU. Take this moratorium from romance to dive in and REALLY behave lovingly toward yourself. Pamper yourself. Exercise, Get a massage. Take yourself to a nice meal. Dress up and go out with your gal pals – for FUN not scoping out dates. No one “out there” can fix the low energy and heal the wounds that need licking. And taking a break from dating to focus on YOU and making you whole and unbroken again is NOT giving up. It’s homework. 🙂 You are preparing you for the next adventure in dating, but right now, you a less than ideal “partner” candidate, so take a short breather, and focus inward a bit. I think we all need to do that once in a while.

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