Men and the woodwork

MichelleSince I’ve been BANNED FROM DATING I’ve been asked out on 3 dates.

First there’s Jeremy, who is a Land Surveyor. He lives in Livermore, has two kids and likes to ride his bicycle 60 miles at a stretch. Jeremy is a recovering alcoholic.

Then there’s Max. Max is a 6’4” contractor living in the bay area. He has one son and is also a recovering alcoholic.

And lastly there’s Tony. Ah, Tony. Tony is also 6’4”. Tony is not an alcoholic. He has no kids and he’s a professional chef turned sheet metal foreman. He has three older sisters and lord knows I love a man with sisters. He also has biceps that make me swoon.

If I was a 4 yesterday, I’m a 6 today so the trend is increasing.

I do find it ironic though that when I’m at a 4 (out of 15) I seem to attract recovering alcoholics*.

Ummm…. what does that say about MY ENERGY if it’s similar to a recovering alcoholic?

I can practically HEAR my life coach lecturing me!



* Which isn’t to say that all recovering alcoholics are 4s. I’m sure there at 15s out there. I’m just attracting the 4s.

2 thoughts on “Men and the woodwork

  1. I think you and I had this convo a few years ago when I told you that your vibe work attract similar vibes….. Can I be a life coach, LOL?

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