How to recover from a broken heart

MichelleI know breakups are hard.  Lord knows I’ve gone through enough of them.  I’m going through one right now.  It’s never fun when you suddenly have to disentangle yourself from someone who you love/d.  Sometimes it’s like gently releasing your hold on someone and other times it’s like pulling  a tape worm out of your ass… the shit just keeps on coming.

Regardless, know that you can do it and make it out to the other side just fine.

There’s life after a breakup.

Here are my best tips for surviving and doing well after a breakup.

  1. Volunteer. Nothing makes your suffering seem less important than helping others in need. Find a soup kitchen. Volunteer at the library. Just get out and do something.
  2. Adventure out. Don’t just venture out, Adventure out. Pick something fun: white water rafting, racing cars, hot air balloon ride, etc. Nothing like a little adrenaline to heal your broken heart.
  3. Spend time with your family. I know it sounds trite, but no one loves you the way your family loves you. Take the parental units out to dinner. Have cocktails with your sibling. Make a phone call and chat with your cousin. They can help you mend.
  4. Distraction. I’m a firm believer in moving on as quickly as possible and that sometimes means starting to date even when you don’t feel quite ready. Nothing like another man to distract you from the one who broke your heart.
  5. Forgiveness. It’s so much better to forgive than to hold on to old resentments.
  6. Hugs. Get as many hugs as you need to feel better. A 20 second hug releases the hormone oxytocin which combats depression. Go get yourself squeezed.
  7. Self love. Nothing like a little self-care to make you feel better. Go get a hair cut. Take a spa day. Pamper yourself. Do something that makes you feel better.
  8. Exercise. Go for a bike ride or a hit the gym. Take some time to exercise. The endorphins you release will help you to feel better, plus it’s good for you.
  9. Go on a hike. Hiking provides you with exercise but also some quiet time to reflect and enjoy the scenery. Work through some of your tumescence in the quiet of the moist green forest.
  10. Journal. Start in a journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings and then read them to yourself. Do they make sense? Are they rubbish? Sort through the miscellaneous crap to find your truths.

3 thoughts on “How to recover from a broken heart

  1. I go to a “happy ending” massage parlor after a breakup. Nothing like having a unfamiliar woman give you a great rub down and a little something extra to get your mind off of the memory of your ex’s fine ass as it was headed our the door for the last time. The last time I got a rub, the masseuse was very sympathetic, she was really pulling for me! I have to admit I felt much better afterward. 🙂

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