A whole day of drinking and pole dancing

Bettie_Page-2So it started out with brunch with Barbara.

I had a Bloody Mary with my Scotch eggs while we discussed my love life and Barbara’s new business (Young Living, if any of you are interested in how essential oils can improve your life).

Then I ran off to my local pole dancing studio to watch their pole dancing exposition – approximately 20 some women doing burlesque, pole, sexy pole, hip hop, and ballet dance.

That’s where I had a few glasses of wine… to you know, get me in the mood to watch sexy women perform the most AMAZING dances with grace and athleticism.

Miss F is my favorite. A Bettie Page look alike with legs for days and a bod to give men heat palpitations, she can make everything look sexy – and she did to a gorgeous rendition of Portishead’s “Glory Box.”

I think the trick to pole dancing is to move slow and deliberately. Touch yourself. Make eye contact. And always always always work your booty.

The performance was an all female performance with an all female audience so the women were free to cut loose and really show their talents.

I think the safe environment really brings out the beast.

All manner of lingerie was on parade from hot pants and tutus to tassels and straps.

Loved every second of it!

Then my day concluded with a birthday party for my brother and I in downtown San Jose.

More wine.

All in all, it was a fabulous lazy Sunday and I couldn’t have crafted it better myself.

Incidentally, if any of you want to read about when I took a pole dancing class, the link is here.

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