Clean Laundry

The other day, I took my boys shopping with me and we wound up inside a Sephora store while I shopped for makeup.

I thought my boys would be put out by this side venture, but instead of being upset and complaining, each of them took to the men’s cologne racks and searched for a scent… with assistance from me, of course.

They each settled on a scent and my Sephora bill skyrocketed.

cologneQuite frankly, I’m not used to men wearing cologne.

Most of the men I date skip this step when they’re getting ready to take me out.  They smell like sweat and soap.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying the scent of The Israeli.

I have no idea what he wears, but he wears it well.

I complimented him on it and now he wears it all the time.

I leave our date with his scent ALL OVER ME.

It’s so nice to have a reminder of the person you were just with. I confess, I like his cologne a lot.

But then there’s The Hunk. The Hunk doesn’t wear cologne. He wears “eau de sexy man”.

And that’s a very appealing scent too.

And one that I don’t mind getting all over me as well.

But I can’t help thinking about my ex boyfriend Jason. He had by far the best fragrance of any man I’ve ever dated.

I’ll never forget what it was…

…Walgreen’s dryer sheets. The generic variety.

That man had good laundry karma.

And if you can believe it, as it turns out my favorite scent on a man is “clean laundry.”

It’s that simple.

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