RIP The Fireman

I’m always disappointed when I meet a new guy who I think is fantastic who turns out to only be a pervert.

Don’t get me wrong.  Some of my closest friends are perverted. And I suspect (okay, I KNOW) I am as well. It’s not that I mind perverts.

It’s just that I don’t want them to LEAD with that in our VERY FIRST conversation together.

Show me your character first THEN show me your eccentricities.

Take The Fireman for instance. Tall, handsome, heroic, and funny. There wasn’t much this guy had to do to get it right.

He was already tailor made for me.

And who doesn’t LOVE a fireman?

Then we had this exchange after talking about some of my earlier adventures – sky diving, running with the bulls, and racing stock cars.


The instant he sent me those texts, I wrote him off.

Big, red flags were blazing in front of my eyes.

I don’t want the first thought in his head to be about how good I am in bed. I want it to be about how awesome I am to hang out with.

So let’s just file The Fireman under “UNAVAILABLE” and move on from there.


6 thoughts on “RIP The Fireman

  1. Okay, don’t hate me, but because you describe him as someone practically tailor made for you, I’m going to offer another thought, for what it’s worth:

    Maybe it’s not the first thing he thinks about you, just one of many (that makes you a complete person to him). He also did preface his sharing with caution, which might’ve been too tempting, but you did encourage him instead of suggesting he heed his intuition that it was too soon to reveal.

    Perhaps the conversation could continue if you shared with him, “Yeah, you were right, that was a little early to reveal…”

    But then, I’m curious what other red flags came up for you.

    • In my experience, if a man brings up sex in the first conversation, that’s what he’s looking for. Since I’m looking for a relationship, that’s my cue to exit. Red flag.

  2. I dunno – I wouldn’t have written I’m off just for that. Pretty much all men think about sex as one of the first things. Sounds like you had a bit of a conversation first off, and he was hesitant to say it initially… the problem comes when they EXPECT it, not think about/discuss it. Personally I prefer people that can be open about those kinds of thoughts and not be overly prudish… not that I want to hear about freaky kinky fantasies straight off the bat… but… mentioning sex or the thought of sex does not make someone a pervert.

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