Suck Face

suck faceThe Israeli and I went out three times last week.

For our second date we went to The Blue Pheasant to dance but we barely danced. Instead we sat in a corner and made out.

Yes, we were THAT couple that makes out hard core in public.

He is a fantastic kisser.

His five o’clock shadow spent so much time against my face that my cheeks and chin turned red.

That’s how much we were kissing each other.

My only complaint is that sometimes he kisses me REALLY fast.

I am a little sheepish about that.

It’s not like I PLANNED to go out with him and make out the ENTIRE time.

It’s just that he was so EAGER.

So there we were in The Blue Pheasant, making out, when suddenly he starts kissing me slowly. Deliberately.


You can imagine the rest…

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