MichelleOk yes.

The Israeli is gone and I’m back to square one in the dating arena.

But I have to tell you, life isn’t bad at all right now, despite what happened.

And there’s one very big reason why.

It’s because I have the BEST GIRLFRIENDS IN THE WORLD.

It’s true.

Your life could be sliding to hell in a hand basket but as long as you’ve got girlfriends to see you through, things aren’t all that bad.

My friend Michelle takes me to the drive in movie theaters when the weather is better and we watch scary movies with the top down on her Mini, eating popcorn while hunkering down under blankets.

My friend Barbara goes with me to The Table for brunch on the weekends then goes to Glow Candle Lounge so that we can make candles together and shoot the breeze.

My friends Marina and Cynthia are my temptress friends, always inviting me to get out and have fun with them – which usually means heavy flirting with mostly inappropriate men. Oh, the fun!

And there is my cousin Jennifer, who may not be around all the time, but certainly manages to make me forget all my troubles when I’m around her and just have an enjoyable time.

Having a boyfriend is not the end-all-be-all to having a happy life. The longer I am single, the more I realize how incidental it is.

But my girlfriends, now THEY ARE ESSENTIAL!

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