Dr. Seuss Party

I went to the Things Three Birthday Spree and got to celebrate three lovely ladies’ birthdays with 100 of their closest friends.

I’d been thinking about this party for a long while.

I even helped to set up and sacrificed some skin on my fingers while inflating and tying over 100 balloons.

The place looked absolutely magnificent when all the decorating was done.

There was a dance floor lit by black lights, a chill room filled with balloons AND a stripper pole, and a bar with a ceiling of lacy women’s thongs.


I had a great time getting ready (note The Lorax theme yellow and orange eyeshadow)…

IMG_8708 IMG_8709

IMG_8707 And I had a great time at the party….

I gave away almost all of my Truffula Tree pens and “Truffula Tree” seed bombs (which MAY grow coneflowers instead of Truffula Trees, who knows….).

seed bombs lorax-pens

 Nothing could spoil my fun, not even me drinking to excess.

Once again, I’ve got nothing but a handful of selfies to show for it, so I hope you enjoy!

IMG_8710 IMG_8713


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