New costume, natch.

For an Angels/Demons costume party that I’ll be taking a shift bartending at.

First comes the dress.

I asked my friend Krunch to weigh in on which was more evil of the three dresses I was looking at, and he picked #2.

dressesThen I found some evilish black wings to wear…

wingsAnd all I need to do is select some horns to go with. What do you prefer?

horns4 horns3
horns2 horns1

It’s all coming together quite nicely, considering I have a long black wig to pair with the costume, since my blond hair (mistakenly) makes me look rather innocent and angelic.

black wigI also bought some mini black sclera contact lenses.  Just to make me look creepy.  I wanted to get the large black sclera contact lenses but figured they’d irritate my eyes.

Pair it all with some deep red or black lipstick and a smoky eye and you’ve got yourself Michelle a la Demon!

Who wants to sin?