Who doesn’t love lingerie?

If I was going to go topless, the Angels/Demons party would probably be the (adult) place to do it.

I, however, am not going topless.

So I have to make an alternate evil plan which involves a little more clothing and a little less skin.

My black Italian bra (gorgeous) and my black strappy bra (sexy) are a little too obvious under the sheer top of my Demon Dress, so I had to look online for something less obvious but equally sinister.

I decided to go with a bandage bustier.


It’s got smooth lines and will look classy yet sexy under a sheer top.

Maybe it doesn’t look as evil as you think it should, but consider this…


This is the backside.

And yes, I will be wearing thigh highs and high heels.  It’s a must!

So there you have it.  A solution to my dilemma… what to wear under a completely sheer dress.


Who doesn’t love lingerie?

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