Repurposed hat for Burning Man

I haven’t even BEGUN to work on the Burning Man soap (yes, it seems crazy but I like soap making and I like Burning Man so why not combine the two?) and already I am giving myself a new project..,

A repurposed uniform cap.

Repurposed for Burning Man, of course.

IMG_8740I happen to just LOVE this hat and I’m BEYOND excited at the idea of doctoring it up to reflect my rainbow sensibilities.

I’m got my rainbow jumpsuit to wear with just such a hat.

And then there’s this lovely LED rainbow tutu that I can just picture myself wearing on the playa.


I bought this Communist Chinese military cap as the base for my hat.

chinaI just love the idea of turning something that represents conformity and opression into something creative that oozes self-expression and non-conformity.

So far, all I’ve purchased is a sheet of holographic rainbow vinyl from England which I plan to use to modify the brim of the hat.

holographic vinylShould be a really FUN project!

Wish me luck.

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