Eating beefcake


She’s the one who got me hooked.

Now all I can do is check Instagram waiting for the next photo to roll on out.

Mind you, I’m a little bit surprised.

I’ve never been much of one to adore beefcake.


I kinda prefer the dad bod. The I-used-to-be-a-football-player-in-high-school bod.

And then I saw Brock.

FullSizeRenderBrock does FUNNY things to me. Like makes me want to coat him in Wesson and use him as a slip ‘n slide.

It must be the hair and the beard.

He just fucking looks like a mountain that needs to be climbed.

And when I say “climbed,” I mean climbed over and over and over again. Up and down until I’m totally worn out.

Can I tell you this pic makes me want to do all sorts of naughty things to him?

Since he’s already posed this way I would tie him up.

And then I would eat him.

Because that’s what you do with beefcake…. YOU EAT IT!

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