Rainbows, butterflies, and unicorn farts

Burning Man tent and totesI’m a planner.

It’s what I do.

I plan parties for other people to enjoy.

So you can imagine, when I tackled Burning Man last year, I went a little nuts on the planning.

I consulted just about every Burning Man Packing List out there and added any missing items into my inventory.

Things like a chill towel, essential oils, and sunblock for my hair.


Did I use these things? No.

Obviously I’m going to refine my Packing List for Burning Man (which was about 8 pages long). Check out the beginning of the list below:

inventoryThe one thing I’m still going to do is inventory everything.

All 16 of my small totes were labeled with the contents therein. Alphabetically, natch. It made it so easy to find everything.

And I had a master list of all the items I brought, alphabetized of course, so in case I forgot which tote something was in I could look it up easily.

Twisty, my pod leader, told me that planning is great but it often doesn’t hold up at Burning Man.

And he was right. All my Burning Man plans went to shit.

But I have to say, with respect to my inventoried totes, HE TOTALLY MISSED THE MARK.

I am supremely happy all my planning paid off.

And I’m doing it again for Burning Man 2016.

But this time my burn WILL NOT GO TO SHIT.

It’s going to be all rainbows, and butterflies, and fucking unicorn farts if I have any say in the matter.

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