Camera shy

If I want to bring a camera to Burning Man what is better?

To bring a cheap camera (or two or three) that can be disposable and take modestly good photos or to bring an expensive camera which takes excellent photos but could get ruined in the dust?

I’ve tried to google the topic:

  • Cameras at Burning Man
  • Best cameras for Burning Man
  • How to protect your camera at Burning Man

But I’m still not clear.

From my experience, it’s better to go with a cheap camera.

I brought a cheap camera to Burning Man 2015 and it seized up within 2 days leaving me with my iPhone to take photos for the rest of my burn.

cameraCourse, I did leave it out on a table during a dust storm.

It would absolutely SUCK to have that happen to an expensive camera.

So, I’m thinking I’ll get a few cheap disposable cameras.

But I’ve heard you can take a strong Ziploc bag and turn it into a “housing” for your camera and protect it from the dust.

camera2That’s very tempting.

I’d like to have some really good pictures this year. Last year I barely took any.

I did take this nugget, which I am awfully proud of.

IMG_7566Just wondering how it would’ve turned out if I’d taken it with a real camera instead of my iPhone.

Any thoughts?