I want to be a redhead

In the process of looking up hairstyles for this weekend’s Great Gatsby birthday party, I became overwhelmed and decided that a wig might be the best way to go.

A quick search for “Gatsby wig” and “Roaring 20’s wig” returned a wide selection of short wavy bobs.

And I am not a bob kinda gal.

So I searched for long finger wave hairstyles and came up with the following, all of which I think would be appropriate for a Gatsby party.

waves waves
waves waves

 So I looked for a long wavy wig and came across the following:

redheadNow, I’m a (bottle) blonde, but I’ve had a full head of black hair which made me almost unrecognizable. And there was even that unfortunate incident in college where I dyed my hair brown. But I have never been a redhead.

And I kinda want to try it out.

Not for reals, of course. Just a red wig I can wear to burner parties and try out a new look.

Of course, it may be less of me wanting to be a redhead and more of me wishing I could look like the model that is motivating me.

Still… could be fun to be a redhead!

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