Brains not brawn

michelleSo… my online profile on OK Cupid and POF keep getting hits and for the most part, none of them strike my fancy.

Until Jamie came along.

Ok sure, he lives in Aptos, but he also is quite handsome, has a beard, and “some college.”

So maybe he’s not a thinker.

He’s better than that.

He’s a lumberjack. He works with heavy equipment.

And he has a German Shepherd dog and a Rottweiler.

A match made in heaven, you might say.

I know my ovaries shuddered a little.

You know how I love me those undereducated lumberjacks.

So we start texting and I KID YOU NOT. . .

It only took him 5 sentences to do it.

“It’s dreadfully slow and dull at work unfortunately,” I told him.

And that’s when it happened.

He wrote me, “I could always come hide under your desk.” And he signed it with a smiley face with its tongue hanging out.


Silly Michelle.

Go for brains, not brawn.

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