Latex farts

Etsy has a feature where it takes your browsing history and makes “suggestions” for other things you might like.

I’ve always enjoyed this feature since I get to see things similar to what I search for but that I never found.

Pretty cool.

So imagine my surprise when, given my recent “pasties” browsing session, etsy started suggesting latex clothes for me to wear.


Isn’t the leap from pasties to latex lingerie a bit far?

Of course, I had my own adventure with latex underwear to, as I like to call it, “a chorus of latex farts.”

Despite this, I actually LIKE latex.

However I doubt that it will look stunningly awesome on me.

More like a sausage poured into a cocktail straw – it’s all in there but it’s spilling out and busting at the seams.

Nevertheless, here are some of the looks etsy thinks I *might* like:

latex latex
latex latex


I sincerely doubt that latex is a good “fabric” for the playa.

All that heat and that dust must make for sticky fun – hence “a chorus of latex farts.”

I think I’m better off with clothes that breathe and are made of natural fibers.

But oh latex. . . how I do love thee!

If I could wear you, I would.

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