How to get an alt rock gal to go to a Justin Bieber concert

I love alternative rock.

Give me Nirvana, 4 Non Blonds, Green Day, and more and I’m in heaven.

Last year I saw the Foo Fighters play Shoreline.

original_url: 3AD0C51C-08DB-4688-A315-97587EE73A12

I also attended the Bone Bash concert – Styx, Tesla, and Def Leppard in concert together.

teslaI dragged my 30 year old friend Barbara to see Bone Bash.

She went not knowing a thing about any of the bands playing.

Not one word from one song lyric.

She just hung out and chilled with me while the bands played on.

IMG_7767Age gap.

Who hasn’t heard of Def Leppard?

In her defense, she did know “Pour Some Sugar on Me” however we left before the band played that song so. . .

Well, fast forward 6 months and Barbara wants to go see Justin Bieber and would I like to go with her?

Well. . . of course I would.

I (gulp) have ALWAYS wanted to see Justin Bieber.

The Biebs.

So there you have it. I’m a solid rock gal going to see a hip hop, R & B, pop concert.

Baby, baby, baby LOVE!

I do believe my ears will require a good does of Garbage on the ride home.


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