Burning Man meets Vitruvian Man

Last year, I commissioned a handmade journal from Misty over at malistah on etsy.

I wanted something special to chronicle my Burning Man experiences in.

Sadly, my journal was filled not with wonderous stories of adventures and fun but of heartache, loss, and solitude.

journal4 journal3
journal2 journal1

 So I’m ditching that journal this year and I’ve commissioned Misty to make another one.

I simply LOVE her handmade journals, and while they’re not inexpensive, they are works of art, worthy of capturing and memorializing the stories of Burning Man.

So for 2016 what does one create with da Vinci as a theme?

Steampunk, of course.

Turns out there’s not so many Steampunk type da Vinci fabrics out there for the book cover.

Except this Vitruvian Man in bright pants.

canvasPerfect! I said.

It’s like Burning Man meets Vitruvian Man!

At first Misty was hesitant about the colors, which she referred to as psychedelic.   But I assured her that I would be adorned quite psychedelically myself.

So we have a cover fabric and a theme – psychedelic Steampunk!

I know it sounds odd but I think it’s going to turn out spectacular!

Just like Burning Man 2016.

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