Happy Holi 2016!

Every year, for the past 7 years, I have taken my boys to Holi at Stanford. Holi is an Indian festival of spring – celebrated with music, dancing, food, and the omnipresent flinging of “colors” on people while saying “Happy Holi!”

Colors are food-grade powdered paint which are usually tinted green, orange, pink, and yellow.

You grab a handful and throw it on your friends and family while trying to duck their throws.

For years, my boys enjoyed slamming me in the face with color.

holi-boysWhen Stanford allowed water at Holi (pre California drought), they doused me with water and actually turned my hair a nice Easter egg yellow that cost $200 and an appointment with a very talented hair stylist.

Lately though my boys are “too old” to go to Holi, which is to say that they’d prefer to hang out with their friends playing video games than going with their mom to an open field to run in circles throwing paint on one another.

Sigh. Welcome to teenagerhood.

Last year I talked Tejas into going to Holi with me:

But this year, I got Barbara, Michelle, and Kari to all go with me to Holi AND WE HAD A BLAST!

The music was amazing.

The food was spectacular.

And the colors were FLYING!

I took a few shots straight to the face, as evidenced by this photo of me with a full green face (Kari, Barbara, and Michelle are painted pretty good themselves).

holi-groupI hope I get to keep doing Holi and that my friends continue to do it with me.


Like a color run, but WITHOUT ANY RUNNING!

holi holi
holi IMG_9260
holi holi


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