Facebook and I: A Love-Hate Relationship

1cc2a392f04977f341b9f99dc1add55dI’ve been thinking a lot about Facebook lately.  Ever since a “friend” suggested to my sister that my page be shut down because of my blogging (I think she was offended by my Beaver post).

The thought of losing Facebook worried me.  It’s how I found out my friend Simona was expecting…her third child… and her fourth.  It’s how I found out my FWB was out of the country in Brazil, not just ignoring my messages.  It’s why I invested in Movember for my friend Ari.  How would I keep in touch with all my friends without FB?

Well, maybe I’d do it the old-fashioned way… by picking up a phone and making a call.  Or by having a face-to-face get together.  But could I keep in touch with the 400 friends I have on Facebook?

Unlikely.  It would just have to be the chosen few.

On the up side, I wouldn’t have to get peppered with Miss Debbie-Downer’s constant stream of complaints.

“Oh my back!”

“Got a shot for my sciatica…”

And I wouldn’t have to read about Miss Bitter’s problems with men.

“Men are such jerks…”

“Posting ‘Survivor’ today because he’ll never get me down…”

Ah, thinly-veiled passive-aggressive references to our Facebook friends.  How we love them!

You know what goes up on Facebook?!  Drama and crap.  Sometimes dramatic crap.  We all know it and love it.  And we all indulge in it… like when my friend Jon got mauled by a bear it was ALL OVER FACEBOOK.  Worthy material, I’d say.  And no one is worse than me because I post the most crap to Facebook BECAUSE I POST THIS BLOG.

On the one hand, it keeps me honest.  On the other hand, I do censor myself.

Well, what do you expect?  My birthmother reads this blog (Hi Mom!).  She doesn’t need to hear ALL the down-and-dirty details of my crazy dating life.

But of course, you do.  And I assume at least some of my Facebook friends do as well.  So I’m just going to keep blogging to Facebook and hoping that some of my 400 friends “get me.”

And that’s ultimately what the purpose of Facebook is, at least in my life…. To promote what I find interesting, to laugh at what I find absurd, and to stay connected to the people who have passed through some chapter of my life and hold a piece of my history.

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