Dating. . . again

Yes, it’s true.

I’ve gotten over my temporary bitterness over internet dating and am back online.

My tirade didn’t last long.

This time I’m trolling Tinder.

It’s the simplest and the easiest app to use.

I met Brian and Matthew.

Brian got straight to the point and asked me exactly what I’m looking for.

I remembered the advice of my life coach and replied, “faithful.”

Sounds much better than “warm-blooded with a dick that works.”

Ha!  I’m kidding.

Really, all I’m looking for is kind, faithful, and fun.

Then there’s Matthew.

Matthew is an artist and he draws nudes.

Oh no. . . here it come. . .


NO, I did not take him up on his offer but we had an outstanding conversation about boundaries and comfort zones.

I would love to have a drawing of myself, though.

His style is very fluid with strokes that resemble waves in motion, kind of like a still-life image of a Jean François Painchaud gif.  You can see more of JFP’s work here.  Warning, NSFW!


I’m going out with both men next week – one to Cupertino’s Whole Foods Beer Garden (not kidding!) and one still to be determined.

We’ll see where these go but at least you know I’m out there, doing my thing, meeting people and (hopefully) having fun!

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