The year was 1992.

I was a college freshman at UCSB and I’d gone out on the town to IV (Isla Vista) to have fun with my friend Tina.

We were wearing togas with bikinis underneath.

The first frat party we went to slyly served Everclear in their jungle juice and so we were wasted in a matter of minutes.

The second frat party we went to, I came across a pledge who was so drunk he was slumped against a wall. I stole a box of Cheerios from a nearby apartment and fed them to him until his friends came to take him away.

The third party we went to was at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat. There was a drinking competition to see who could drain a keg first – the guys who lived in the frat house or the guys who lived outside the frat house.

All around the backyard were garbage cans – for the guys to puke in and keep drinking.


Somewhere along the way, I lost track of Tina.

I looked all over for her – even in the men’s restroom that I can honestly say was the WORST STINKING BATHROOM I’VE EVER BEEN IN.

I marched my drunk ass back home, thinking Tina had gone back to our dorm, but no… no Tina there.

So I made up my mind to go back to IV and as I made my way, I came upon a jeep.

The jeep had three guys in it and they offered me a ride back to the frat.

This could’ve ended very badly but instead, these guys drove me around to all the spots I thought Tina might be and helped me look for her.

One of them even gave me aspirin and water.

When Tina was nowhere to be found, they drove all the way back to the dorms with me and took me home.

Safe and sound.

I’ve been thinking about this memory lately.

Ever since ex-Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was convicted of raping an unconscious woman who had too much to drink.

We hear so much about men who take advantage of women in vulnerable situations.

These three faceless, nameless men could have easily taken advantage of me.

But they didn’t.

In fact, in anything, their presence protected me.

So despite my cynical posts and frustrations, believe me when I say that deep down I am a romantic who believes in the integrity of the male gender.

And to all my wonderful guy friends – like Rick, Tejas, and Mark – who read this blog and never take any of my rants personally…


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