Movies to get down to

Recently, I watched the movie “50 Shades of Grey” and I was disappointed in the film.

Not surprising since I couldn’t even finish the first book, I was so ANNOYED BY THE ENTIRE STORYLINE!

And the main character Anastasia DROVE ME LITERALLY CRAZY!

Now I’m not deep into the BDSM scene.

I don’t go to parties.

I’m not on FetLife.

What I do know, I know from friends who dabble rather heavily in the lifestyle. Some live it 24-7.

It works for them.

So when I admitted to my friend Dante that I had watched the film, he rolled his eyes and me and groaned.

We both agreed that the movie “Secretary” was a much better representation of a dominant/submissive relationship.

Which reminded me that in February of 2014 I wrote a blog post about the Top 10 Sexy Movies in my book, and “Secretary” was included.

My list is basically made up of mainstream movies that I think capture a little of the eroticism most films lack.

They are:

  1. Body Heat
  2. Secretary
  3. The Postman Always Rings Twice
  4. Enemy at the Gates
  5. Quills
  6. The Horseman on the Roof
  7. A History of Violence
  8. The Big Easy
  9. Sex and Lucia
  10. Red Shoe Diaries

I should add to that list “Lie With Me” starring Eric Balfour and Lauren Lee Smith about a woman with rampant sexuality confronted with a blossoming relationship.

liewithmeMy friend Mark read this post years ago and added his own sexy movies – “The Salton Sea” and “Zandalee” both of which I have now seen and agree with Mark’s recommendation.

I would definitely NOT recommend “50 Shades of Grey” unless you like your BDSM with feather tickling and a ridiculous amount of overly romanticized relationship (because OF COURSE no self-respecting woman would subject herself to these activities without some sort of love relationship developing between her and a bilionaire).

Not at all.

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