IMG_9409I have a friend.

We’ll call her Natalie.

Natalie and I grew up together and as we transitioned through puberty into adulthood, I noticed something.

I seemed to make very bad decisions where men were concerned whereas Natalie made REALLY GOOD DECISIONS where men were concerned.

She chose to be with men who were very solid, reliable, and kind.

She NEVER screwed up.

I chose disasters.

I once had a boyfriend who dated another woman while we were dating.  And don’t get me started on the HOLY SPECTACULAR MESS that was Dave.  I exited that relationship saying, “I now know what it’s like to love someone and get nothing in return” to which Natalie replied, “But why would you WANT to?”

The Israeli busted a nut in my face and caused temporary damage to my eyesight right before he ghosted me.  And Scott used to send me pictures of him peeing along with comments that my butt was too big and didn’t “hang” right.

My butt is PERFECT, btw.  Just saying.

I lost my virginity to a guy who literally couldn’t get away fast enough.  And in college, my FWB would drop me at the mere suggestion that another woman was interested in him.  That’s how high I rated with him.

So as you can see, I have issues selecting good men to date.

My friends and family all know this about me and try to guide me into making better decisions.  Between my friend Barbara, my sister Lisa, and my cousin Jennifer, I am GETTING SCHOOLED in proper dating requirements.

But you see the men I date.

Not a keeper among them.

And Natalie?

Well, she went and married my brother of all things.

What did I say?

EXCELLENT taste in men!



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