It’s not rocket science

Let’s be candid.  I write a lot about sex.  And men.  And condoms.  And boudoir photos.

Judging from the topics I choose to write about, everyone thinks I get IT all the time.

Well the truth is I’m not.  All of my horizontal plans fall through.  Just yesterday I was supposed to go over Jeep’s house for a little mattress dancing.  But he had to stay and work late.  Plans cancelled.

I’m saying this so you’ll know why I’m such a wanna-be-nympho.  It’s because I’M NOT GETTING ANY.

Sure, I go on a lot of dates and I meet a lot of men, but seldom does my attraction for him and his attraction for me line up.  It’s like NASA’s Mariner space rocket – it looks good but 5 minutes after takeoff, it explodes.  Mission failure.

My girlfriend Michelle and I talked about why I put up with dating lousy guys.  She thinks my ex-boyfriend Dave was so horrible he lowered the bar for everyone.  I think I’m very clear on what I’m  looking for and I’m okay putting up with with a little entertainment while I wait for him to show up.

So for now, the blog posts and the inappropriate men stay.

I’ll keep blogging about sex even though I’m not getting any.   And I’ll blog about it once I start getting some.  And you’ll all be happy for me because it’ll probably mean I’m in love.

And I’m a kiss and tell kinda girl.

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