Spoiling the fur baby

I have two fur babies at home – my sweet and cuddly Princess and my wild and wicked Wendy.

IMG_0020 IMG_0026

My youngest son, who wants to be a veterinarian, is particularly sensitive to Wendy.  He spends time with her, cleans her food and water bowls, and even gives her baths.

In my budget, I have a line item for Wendy – a small but sensible monthly stipend I can spend on her.

This month, I purchased a Bark Box for her.

Can I tell you HOW MUCH FUN my son and I had breaking open that box and tantalizing the dog with tasty treats shaped like baseballs, a stuffed squeaky baseball bat, a plush hamburger (which my son is sure Wendy will destroy in 3 days), and a jerky stick, etc?

baseballbat hamburgerI guess the theme was BASEBALL and boy, did Bark Box hit one out of the park for Wendy

So I’m here to tell those of you with fur babies of the canine variety, that BARK BOX is INCREDIBLE and doesn’t skimp on their treat boxes at all and they’re SO MUCH FUN to open and watch your dog play with.

Here’s a link to their site, if you’re so inclined to sign up yourself and your fur baby. And no, I don’t get a kick back. I just happen to think they’re AWESOME!!!

Bark Box

And. . . let me take a moment to remind you that there are lots of pets out there looking for homes.  If you’d like to expand your home to include (another) pet, consider going to your local animal shelter and adopting.  The closet animal shelter to me is the Human Society of Silicon Valley (LINK).  If you can’t adopt, consider donating to a NO-KILL shelter.

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  1. That smile on the last picture is so adorable! I’ve been subscribe to BarkBox for three months now and they’re a lot of fun. My kids and my dogs are super excited when it arrives. Would love to see what you’ll get for Princess next month. 🙂

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