IMG_7281Let’s say there’s this girl.

Pretty. Maybe she’s blond. Smart. Funny.

But I digress.

Suppose this girl shows up at a friend’s house for a little action, if you know what I mean.

And action is what she finds.

In spades.

Matter of fact, she has to shovel through all the action she’s getting, if you catch my drift.

And lo and behold, it’s time to get dressed, and she’s looking for her underwear and her friend says to her, “I like your underwear. It’s pretty. I can see why you keep it even though there’s holes in it.”

Well, said girl *might* have suddenly freaked out at the thought of getting caught in holey underwear and immediately inspected hers to see if that was the case.


Well, all this is just to say that if that was the case, the girl might be totally and completely mortified.

On an epic scale.

Because the only thing WORSE than wearing underwear with holes in it, is getting CAUGHT by a lover in them.

This supposed girl might have to make sure she wears the awesome silk panties next time she goes over for a little, ahem… action.

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