There goes my innocence. . .

So last Saturday, I got dressed up and went to a Village party in Palo Alto with a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” theme.

I went dressed as Janet, which you can imagine, was quite the anti-costume for me.

Nice, innocent, wholesome Janet.

IMG_9586I even brought with me a newspaper so that I could effectively reenact the scene of Janet and Brad coming in from the rain.

IMG_9590My friend went as Magenta, having found some TRULY AWESOME PIECES at the secondhand store.

IMG_9588She was the polar opposite of me.

The meeting went well and nearly everyone was dressed up in some character from Rocky Horror – Magenta, Columbia, Frank N Furter, Riff Raff, Eddie, etc.

After the meeting concluded, we all jumped in the hot tub and watched “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Or so I heard.

Because after the meeting concluded, I left with Dante to go “take a shower” at his place.

You see, the mosquitos were out IN FORCE and they gobbled me up like a 6 year old sugar addict gobbles up cake.

I am tasty to mosquitos. I have three mosquito bites on one foot and 4 on the other. Not to mention the one on the back of my upper thigh….how the HELL did it get up there?

And two on my arms.

Tejas showed up and got a good tongue lashing from me. For being too busy to communicate with me, natch. The man is learning to become a life coach in a desire-based coaching program.

Here’s my desire – don’t forget me!

So in the end, you could say I had fun and was well eaten by the end of the night.

There goes my innocence!

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