I love Sweden!

IMG_9624I love Sweden.  I really do.

What other country would send me Toni to date?

Toni, which is short for Toni, took me out Thursday and Friday night.  He was visiting for two weeks from Sweden and he wanted someone to show him the area.

Let me just THINK of all the things there are to do here:

  • The Mystery Spot
  • Beach bonfire
  • Wine tasting
  • The Winchester Mystery House
  • Shopping at Santana Row
  • Dinner at Phil’s Fish Market
  • Kayaking the Elkhorn Slough
  • Hiking to St. Joseph’s Hill
  • Biking in SF
  • Taking in a Giants game
  • Watching the Sharks play
  • $$$$ for a Warrior’s game
  • And Fishing out of Santa Cruz
  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • The Boardwalk
  • Great America


Toni cracked me up.  He was so soft spoken, I had to lean in to hear him talk.  You can imagine how challenging this is in a crowded bar like the Jack Rose.

So we go to a restaurant in Los Gatos, to eat oysters (something he’s never done) and I STILL CAN’T HEAR HIM SPEAK.

I finally apologized for making him repeat himself so often, “Sorry, but it’s hard to hear you.”

“Ya. I’m very quiet,” he agrees.

Fast forward to Friday night and we’re going to Santa Cruz to eat on the pier at Stagnaro’s and play some games at the Arcade at the Boardwalk.

He resoundly beat me at Air Hockey.  And Race Cars.  And Laser Tag.  And Skee Ball.

And I wasn’t event TRYING to let him win.

Actually, I was trying very hard to kick his butt.

To make matters worse, I got the feeling he was taking it easy on me.

Oh, those sweet Swedes.

An any case, he FINALLY kissed me Friday night.

It was AWESOME!  Soft, wet (but not too wet), hungry.

All he said was, “I should’ve done this much sooner.”

Indeed, because now he’s in Sweden with those amazing lips and that great pucker and that amazing kiss.

Story of my life.


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