I love Tinder

I love Tinder.

Had a bad date?

Another man is just a swipe away.

Looking for someone to sext?

Another man is just a swipe away.

Want to get your flirt on?

Another man is just a swipe away.


It’s so easy.

It’s like Google Express for men.


It’s crazy how easy it is to get a date.

Of course, the trick is GETTING A SECOND DATE!

That almost never happens.

But so far, I’ve met some pretty interesting guys through Tinder.

One of whom I’m still in touch with.

It does occur to me that this is what’s wrong with the online dating scene these days: It’s so easy to land another date we invest in no one.


But here’s my theory.

I connect with no one because I just haven’t met the right person yet. When I finally meet him, we’ll click and that elusive connection will suddenly materialize.

So I’m pretty chill about meeting men.

Easy come, easy go.

3 thoughts on “I love Tinder

  1. Tinder dating sounds kind of depressing when its put that way. Google express for guys hahaha, now that is funny. 🙂 But yeah overall you’re right its so hard to connect with someone.

    • Don’t you think online dating makes it too easy to just swipe right and meet someone new? It is kinda depressing how many dates I go on with no long term outcomes. But I still have hope that someday I’ll connect.

      • Oh definitely makes it easy to move on to the next too. All these potential suitors out there, you can be like a kid in a candy store on them haha, take your pick, there’s always someone out there. Thing is they’re like that too! A lot of them anyway. Not that its a bad thing really, its great to have options. I guess for me just knowing that its like that and knowing many others have those same feelings…kind of depressing. Because you could be disregarded easily if someone looks better, comes at you in a totally different way or whatever. It’s like well she doesn’t work out but I got 15 others in the que that want my time and I know at least we’ll go out, maybe mess around and hey if it doesn’t go anywhere at least I got mines. Then its on to the next one. Fun to a point but not the most fulfilling. But you know what…its been like that even before all these apps especially if you’re one to be out and about and meet people. Just yeah makes it easier now and so convenient. Its all in how you approach it though going in of course to make it how you want it to go.

        I see what you’re saying about going on dates with no long term outcomes and how that feels and yeah that really sucks. For me, I have gotten so into the women I talked to for awhile and dated. I’m the kind of person that dives in 100% if I’m into someone and want more. Then you go out with them and it doesn’t work out, its very depressing and sucks. Especially if what you think about them doesn’t match reality, ahhh I think that’s the worst. Yet still there’s plenty others out there. So I don’t get too broken up about it, I never have stalked and sulked because I know there’s someone out there. Always going to be someone!

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