She’s crafty!

What is better than a repurposed military hat made by me?

A repurposed military hat made by me THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Yes, my next hat is going to be a colorful hat with a rainbow of ribbons that are blacklight reactive!

Sadly, it’s impossible to find 3/8” ribbon that is blacklight reactive so I have to MAKE IT!

I’m getting some blacklight reactive paint which I will use to paint the various ribbons and then attach them to the hat after they have dried.

blacklightCould it get more beautiful?

Mind you, I just finished my Pink Power hat, which I’m surprisingly not in love with.

Why, you ask?

pinkhatI’m just not one of those girls who likes pink.

I find it a very troubling color – overly feminized and girly.

But I know a lot of women out there who do like the color. So hopefully one of them will stumble across my hat and fall in love with it.

I also have another Purple Galaxy hat underway.

I love it to pieces!

This time I’m going to attach the naked lady with the pet pussy to the top of the hat.

cool catBecause if it doesn’t sell like that, I don’t mind keeping it for myself.

I love my Galactic Pussy hat!!!

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