Hi Miss Michelle

In January 2015, my friend Mark committed suicide.

In the dark dark days following his death, I found little comfort except in knowing that I had upwards of 50 little videos that he made for me that I could watch when I felt ready.

Then in August of 2015 I discovered that I’d inadvertently deleted all the videos after assuming I’d properly backed them up.

I was crushed.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I’m going through my old computer looking for a picture of me salmon fishing when I stumble across all those old videos.

I immediately played one.

Mark’s baritone voice came over my speakers.

“Hi Miss Michelle.”

Heart stops.


Face drops into open palms.

Deep breaths.

Come back! I want to say.

You are missed so badly!

But there are no words to reach him.

There is only his voice, reaching out to me from the archives.

“Hi Miss Michelle.”

Hi Mark.

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