Best friends

IMG_7069The other day I was bemoaning the fact that I’ve gone on so many dates in the past few years and yet not met anyone I feel connected to.

Then I realized that was a lie.

Because I’d met Tejas – my Burning Man mentor and friend.

Tejas and I click.

We’re comfortable around each other.

We communicate well.

And most importantly, when we camp together, we get along just fine (which is important since we’re camping at Burning Man together this year).

Tejas looks after me.

He monitors things like my mood and my temperature to make sure I’m doing well.

When I’m making decisions based on my emotions, he slows me down and makes me reflect on what I’m doing.

He coaches me through my challenges.

He anchors me, which is important for me since I tend to float away if I’m left untethered.

Tejas is, quite possibly, my best friend.

Yes, I have to admit I love him to bits.

But I put him in the friend zone.

Why do I CONSTANTLY put men who I connect with in the friend zone?

My whole life, I’ve always had a best friend who was male – Andrew, Sherwin, Albert. . .

All men I could have had relationships with but passed on them.

Who knows why.

I know what I’m looking for and I’ve found it in many of my male friends.

But every time, I’ve always found a reason to avoid a romantic relationship.

So the trick is to find someone I feel this way about AND want a romantic relationship with.

It’ll happen.

It just takes time.

Years, apparently!

To quote Chewbacca mom, “PATIENCE!”

One thought on “Best friends

  1. Why ruin a good relationship with these guys to try any romance? That’s not safe. That could end it all and then what would you end up with in the end? Trying to find another guy to be good friends with, who may or may not want more, but you can’t see more than that and thus why rock the boat. More invested in a romantic relationship especially with someone you really like. Sounds terrifying. That’s just my thoughts on what you may be thinking, hahaha I’m likely totally wrong but just wondering.

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