Rape Culture

rapeBrock Turner is a living, breathing example of white, wealthy privilege in the US. The former Stanford student and US Olympic Swim Team hopeful was convicted of 3 counts of felony rape stemming from an incident in 2015. Brock received a shocking 6 months in prison for his convictions.

Brock’s father Dan Turner released a statement lamenting that his son can’t even eat a rib-eye steak with pleasure anymore. The most famous quote from his statement “That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action,” reducing the violent rape (is there any other kind?) of an unconscious woman to “20 minutes of action.” Uh, someone tell Mr. Turner that action = rape.

Brock’s life has been irrevocably altered, this is true. He is now a convicted rapist. But one has to ask would he get a mere 6 months in jail if he were black? From East Palo Alto? If his parents weren’t wealthy? If he didn’t have a Stanford affiliation (which Judge Persky who presided over the case has as well)?

I am part of this rape culture. I myself kept silent years ago when I was DRUGGED and RAPED at a party. My attacker left me with a little present – chlamydia. For years after that I insisted on being tested for STDs on a monthly basis. I was sure it would come back, even after treatment. After a while, my doctor finally refused to test me anymore so I started going to Planned Parenthood for my testing. Every time it came back negative, I felt little relief. I didn’t realize that the filth that man put inside me continued to live on inside my head.

Mine is just one rape story out of many. I wish Judge Persky had taken a moment to appropriately punish Brock Turner for the serious crime of raping someone so that the legacy left behind from this whole painful event would be one that could be held up by colleges and universities as an example of the dangers of rape culture.

As it stands, the Brock Turner case has become the quintessential cesspool of victim-blaming. If anything, the case has taught me that if you’re only a rapist for 20 minutes of your 20 years of white privileged life, you can get away with rape. But it’ll cost you your appetite for rib-eye steaks, more’s the pity.

Way to go Judge Persky.

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5 thoughts on “Rape Culture

  1. First, I am so sorry/horrified for your horrible assault. The heroes in this story are the two Swedish men who rescued her. I posted a bunch in FB in this. To me, it is not only about defining rape and assault but also consent. A very drunk girl cannot consent.

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