Emotional Wreck

So as it turns out, one of the joys of having a 40 day menstrual cycle is that is makes you an emotional basket case.

I’m all tears.

The SLIGHTEST little provocation sends me into tears.

WendyToday, my dog Wendy LOVED her new bear squeaky toy, courtesy of BarkBox, thank you.

She went bouncing off into the grass with it in her mouth, looking so beautiful and regal, even at 11 years old and I started to think how short the time I have left with her is and.. . .


And of course, we’ve all heard about the tragic death of SJPD officer Michael Katherman.

Nextdoor emailed me a neighborhood update with a picture of a Santa Clara County Fire Department rig on the highway overpass where Officer Katherman’s body was traversing, with all the LGPD and firefighters on top of it saluting and. . .

OMG, the tears!

I wept like I would never stop, as if I knew the fallen hero.

kathermanIt’s Friday afternoon and all I want to do is go home, watch cheesy romances in bed (anything with Kate Hudson in it), eat ice cream straight out of the container, and CRY.

Nobody touch me. Nobody flirt with me. Nobody talk to me.

I’m cocooning.

Ok, I lied.  Someone come snuggle me.