SoulFire is coming up!

white witch michelleI will be camped out in my tent, Pete, with Tejas.

He didn’t want to bring the RV this time so we’re tenting it.

I’ve got all sorts of costumes to wear:

My rainbow jumpsuit

My see-through kaftan

My white wizard outfit

My light up tutu

I’m totally excited to see what SoulFire brings to me and what I bring to it.

I’ve got gifts to give away – light up rings, SPF30 organic chapstick, AND LED HEART PINS!


Last Soulfire I went to I wrote about some friends and got TOTALLY BUSTED!

So this year there will be no posting about SoulFire, save my own escapades there.

I got a little wild last time. We’ll have to see what transpires this time.

Will I hook up with someone new and have a serious makeout sesh?

Will I traipse around naked by the pool and hot tub?

Will I get nicely inebriated and dance my head off?

Chances of all things happening are pretty good, so cross your fingers, say a prayer, and wish the best for me!

‘Cuz it’s gonna be fun!