michelleIt’s been 38 days since my last period.

Normally, I’d be worried about a (GASP!) unexpected pregnancy, however I haven’t done the thing you need to do to get pregnant so. . .

That’s a nice way of saying I haven’t had sex in over 38 days.

I emailed my doctor, worried about perhaps some sort of gynecological problem. Both my grandmothers died from complications related to ovarian cancer.

Are you spotting in between periods, my doctor asked?


Well then the most likely thing that is happening is that menopause is setting in.

I’m 42!

It usually begins in the 40s and takes about a decade to run its course.


I’ll just let that sink in.


You have to understand, I feel the same way I did when I was driving in Frank’s mustang from our high school graduation to my grad party.


So much of my feminine identity is rolled into my ability to breed. What will I do when I lose it?

I thought for sure I had at least 6 or 7 years before I had to contemplate this.

I’m too young.

Will I start looking like Cybil Shepherd, Kelly McGillis, or Kathleeen Turner?

They reached “a certain age” and started to become more masculine.

Just another thing for me to put on my list of things I need to worry about.

I’m too young. . .

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