white witch michelleSo.

SoulFire is almost upon us and I’m a little nervous about my single status.

Two men I am dating will be there and I have no idea how to handle that situation.

Save Friday night for lover #1 and Saturday night for date #2?

To make matters worse, I am sharing a tent (not a bed) with Tejas so I will technically be “sleeping” with him both nights as well.


And THEN there’s Father Figure, who will be at SoulFire because he lives there. And we’ve “hung out” together in the past.

Oh what to do, what to do?

Tejas suggested I invited a fourth friend of mine who I’m flirting with who he thinks would enjoy the SoulFire community.

But I simply can’t manage juggling 4 or 5 men in one weekend.

I know what the answer is. . .

Just be by myself this weekend and do not entertain ANYONE.

But you know, you put a little liquor in me and I get AWFULLY flirty.

I think I will have to take the honest approach and let each guy in on the situation.

They’re open minded men. They won’t mind.

At least I don’t think they will.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck, though.

It could be a hairy weekend!

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