How to tell if a woman wants you

michelle1This post is directed to a certain male friend who seems to be struggling with the fact that women don’t ANNOUNCE to you when they want to fool around.


Ok, first of all let me say I am the WORST person to write this post because I’m not a game player.

If I like you, if I want you, I’m gonna make it OBVIOUS.


I do however posses girl parts and had numerous girl friends growing up which I think makes me somewhat knowledgeable in the ways of women.

To begin with, if a woman likes you she’s going to go through some effort to look good for you. This can include any or all of the following:

  • Shaving her legs
  • Waxing her bikini
  • Getting a spray tan
  • Moisturizing
  • Wearing perfume
  • Doing her hair
  • Any other primping routine

Personally, my date can always tell when I want sex because I SHAVE MY LEGS.

I also have a grooming obsession, so there’s that too.

Does she smile at you? Play with her hair? Let you touch her? Sit on your lap? Engage in flirty language?

Then “maybe” she wants you to flirt back.

The important thing to remember is that ALL OF THESE THINGS do not equal consent.

So you know, if you want to know if she’s into you and interested in having sex with you, maybe the best thing to do is to ASK HER.


I mean, if you can’t talk about having sex, should you really be having sex?

2 thoughts on “How to tell if a woman wants you

  1. and btw, for those who are unsure “Waxing her bikini” doesn’t mean she puts wax on those itty bitty, teeny weeny, purple polka dot bikini pieces she wears at the pool! 😉 (if someone needs a sign as to whether a woman is interested, they might need a translation of “waxing her bikini).

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