Bull Riding

In particular, I am hoping you REALLY enjoy the picture of me falling off the bull…..


Only slightly more embarrassing than my fall off the bull is the fact that right after I ordered my first drink from the waiter, I tucked my left foot behind my right foot, tilted my head to one side and….


I curtsied!

Holy hell! Where did that come from? I was WILDLY apologetic to the waiter – “I TOTALLY did not mean to curtsy! I didn’t even know I knew how!”

Well, it must’ve made an impression on the waiter because he brought me water and I probably have him to thank for my lack of hangover this morning.

I did not however, leave my business card. As Amy put it “I can see you guys out having dinner and you paying. You do not need to date a waiter.”

Wise words, Amy. Wise words…

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