2nd Trip to Burning Man: What’s Different

white witch michelleComing up, I will be making my 2nd trip to Burning Man.

I don’t need to tell you that after my first trip, I was hesitant to go again. But my friend Marina convinced me that I should go again.

So here I am.

This trip will be vastly different than my first trip.

For one, you can’t get ditched by a companion if you’re not going with a companion.

That’s not to say that I’m not going with somebody.

I’m going with Tejas and staying in his RV.


And I’m supposed to be his wingman for the trip.

And I’m sure I’ll get up to shenanigans with Marina.

So here’s my list of what is different going to Burning Man and NOT BEING A VIRGIN ANYMORE:

  1. I’m blogging about my Burning Man prep a lot less the 2nd time around. I was fully obsessed with Burning Man last year at this time. I ate, slept, and breathed preparations. This year, I’m calmer.
  2. I’m staying in an RV, which makes prep a little easier – no tent, no tarp, no candy cane rebar, no power cable (Tejas already has one), and no tent toilet (I have my own suitcase toilet that I usually use when I’m camping).
  3. Less camping supplies = less stuff to pack. Last year I think I had 16 BINS OF STUFF that I hauled to TTITD. This year I think I’ll have 8 bins. HUGE difference!
  4. I’m not as nervous as I was last year. I feel MUCH calmer about making the trip to Burning Man. Last year I was so nervous about the trip I declined volunteering to get our kitchen permit. This year I signed myself up.
  5. I’m spending less money this time around. I’ve got pretty much everything I need. All I need to do is inventory my supplies and pack them up. It’s kinda nice to give my Mastercard a break! Amazon misses me, though.
  6. I know what I’m in for as far as the elements go. I’ve been through dust storms and rain on the playa. I’ve experienced the heat and the cold. Which makes it much easier to pack the clothes I need and will use on the playa.
  7. No bike prep! Well, there’s a little clean up from last year but overall, the prep has been significantly less than it was last year. The bike is already furred and lit up with lights. I just need to clean the chain and gears.
  8. I know what I’d like to do on playa but I’m not making a plan. Last year I had a list of all the places to go and see, and hardly made it to any of them. This year I’m flying by the seat of my pants. If you know me, you know that’s HUGE!
  9. I signed up to be shift lead for two Cookie Baking Shifts. Last year I wouldn’t have dreamed about signing up as a lead but this year I did. It helps that I baked cookies at Soulfire.
  10. There are fewer costumes to build. I have a ton of outfits that I wore last year that I’m bringing back this year. I had to build very few new ones – a Cheshire Cat, a Fire Fairy, and a Galactic Babe.

Do I expect my 2nd burn to be better than my 1st? Well, as much as I don’t believe in having expectations, I have to say:


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