Week 2 Without Internet Dating

michelle1I made it through week 2 without internet dating and I did just fine.

I don’t miss the ridiculous “hi” messages I’d get on a daily basis.

And I certainly don’t miss the “nice rack” messages I’d get from time to time.

Sure, it’s nice to hear from guys who think I’m beautiful, but I’m not addicted to forced compliments.

I have resigned myself to growing old alone.

It’s not so bad once you fill your life with everything else that’s valuable out there – children, adventures, a good job, family, and great friends.

Take for instance this week.

Instead of spending time texting disposable men, I had dinner and a nice chat with my friend Tejas.

Another night I hung out with my kids – those hilarious young men keep me in stitches.

And then I spent my Wednesday having dinner and going Bollywood dancing with my girlfriend Michelle.

Followed by the Barbra Streisand concert with my mom on Thursday.

And my son’s 15th birthday on Friday.

Saturday we celebrate his birthday with a dinner party.

And Sunday I see my friend Barbara just to catch up and shoot the shit.

Not a bad week, if you ask me.

Yeah, I miss some aspects of internet dating – the flirt, swapping photos, maybe even a few sexy texts. . . but I don’t miss all those useless first dates and lack of connection that result.

Oh, and I miss something else.

Good kisses that lead somewhere.

But I’m doing fine on my own.

Just fine.

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