Caught in the act

cf42ed1c06d1729469302097a23cb717Every day as I walk in to work from the parking lot, I pass a grate in the ground. Surrounding my building is a network of underground tunnels and this grate vents a lot of hot air.

Today I looked left, and I looked right and I saw no one, so I paused over the grate to let the warm air blow underneath my skirt. Ah heat! I stood there for approximately 10 seconds before I heard it.

“Humina humina” or some such nonsense.

Three construction workers were sitting on a fence in the bushes in front of my building.

Ack! I stepped off the grate…

…and then had to walk past them to get into my building!

It’s not easy to remain poised when three men just witnessed you getting your freak on with a hot air vent.

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