Enlightenment or a snow cone?

michelle beachAs I prepare to go to the playa for a second time, I can’t help but reflect on my experiences during my first trip there.

What worked? What didn’t?

I’ve made up my mind already to be very inclusive of my campmates.

Being excluded during last year’s Burning Man was a painful experience and one I don’t want to repeat for anyone else.

Yes, it’s my burn and I can do what I want but I feel like I need to take the 10 principles to heart and really look out for and care for my fellow burners.

Big heart = Big burn

My motto will be “Leave love everywhere you go.”

Last year I had a magical moment when I handed out my gift – chapstick – to a group of burners out in deep playa who were desperately in need of chapstick.

I hope to have a similar experience this year.

A moment when the universe unfolds exactly as it should and the divine plan is revealed.

Either that, or a snow cone.

I’ll take a snow cone, too.

I’m flexible like that.

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