I ate a bug


okay, I ALMOST ate a bug.


Apparently, silkworm larvae are a Korean delicacy and some Shinola guests thoughtfully passed around a can. Don’t they look tasty?!?!

I thought I would be brave and eat one. I picked it up, screamed when I felt the cold clammy texture, and I threw it back into the can with a hearty, “God NO!”

Fellow Shinwegians were not so squeamish however….


And bolstered by their own courageous act of culinary prowess, I attempted to eat one myself….


The texture wasn’t horrible…, kind of like cold wet walnuts. As I bit into the larva however, the juice squeezed out of the bug and into my mouth.

And it tasted horrible – exactly like what you’d expect a bug to taste like – earthy and woody with a gross gritty texture.

So I spit it out into the fire and rinsed my mouth with some scotch….


…. ah, MUCH better!


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